1. Only in Nigeria u’ll do monthly subscription 4times in a month.
2. Welcome to Nigeria Where Barbers Display Hairstyle They can’t even Barb
3. Everywhere It’s always “Mama i Made It”, “Mama I made it”
So what about “Daddy” that didn’t use condom??
So Ungrateful children
4. The smell of ONION on your HANDS last LONGER than 1GB Of MTN data
5. The only advantage of being a Nigerian is that you can urinate anywhere” I mean anywhere.
6. In Nigerian homes:
First born => Assistant Parent
Last born => House help
7. No school tomorrow” dats the only
sweetest announcement in school those days, ah swear
8. One thing I like about a ONE ROOM Apartment is that u Wake up nd See all ur Properties ONCE.
9. U saw me drinking garri three times a day doesn’t mean I don’t av money, see am just doing it according doctors prescriptions ok
10. The duty of a boyfriend is to satisfy -your emotional needs.Any financial burdensome is your father’s until he puts a ring on it. Guys are u aware of this?!
11. Marriage is Like JAMB, you’ll be admiring UNILAG, but later end up at Ibadan Poly.
12. Raid Used To Be So Effective on insects. Now its just a body spray for mosquitoes going clubbing.joke
13. Some girls cut their Hair to try and look like Amber Rose …BOOM!
They look like Ngolo Kante
14. Some girls don’t attend the gym but look physically fit because of running from one man to another.
15. It’s only in Nigeria people will knock on your door and still uses their mouth to do the sound of the knock…”ko-ko-ko”
16. No condition is permanent. A Generator that sounds Like Alicia keys today, Will shout like Timaya tomorrow.
17. Someone will do blood money and still be stingy
Blood that is not even your own.
18. Some people don’t just have the spirit of forgiveness.How will you sweep your room and use your ex picture as Parker.
19. If a GIRL doesn’t inbox you back.
Brother Just know she has viewed your profile pic and said “no no no” dis one no follow
20. When a Girl start posting bible quotes on Facebook just know she want to settle down
21. You see dis days, Main girlfriends don’t comment on Boo’s pix..they just check the other comments to start third world warjoke
22. On my wedding day during kissing section in church…
Pastor should kuku bring bed, Because we die dia
23. On d last day, some guys will still be looking at the yansh of some girls while going to hell.
Angels will be like “Collins enter ooooo”
Enter heaven, na yansh go kee u



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