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Is It Okay Blocking Your Ex After Break Up



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Blocking is a very absolute sanction that someone is not welcome AT ALL to contact you no matter what they want. It affects a person if they’ve even been blocked – especially if they didn’t deserve to be! – so I wouldn’t generally use it as a temporary measure. It’s very much saying I absolutely don’t like you nor do I want you to be able to send me civilized communications even if you need to.


If they’ve hurt your feelings and want to say Sorry & you’re not letting them do it – that’s rather mean & sad of you; If you don’t unblock you might never know what possibilities exist between you & someone you presumably liked, even tho you’re no longer dating. It doesn’t always work but it is possible to become good friends with ex partners even if you have to ask them to keep the current partner out of the social picture.


Some people suffer more with End of Relationship “emotional spite” where they don’t want you but they also don’t want anyone else to have you either. I’m not a fan of Blocking. Ive used it “once in a decade” against someone who picked her own Day/Time to meet, didn’t turn up, blamed me for that, refused to apologies then went lying to others about me; Arrogant Time-Wasting “Never Wrong” Overpaid Miserable B* Supply Teacher. Blocked.

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Lady Wants In a Guy 1

If however she ever gets off her high horse and says “Sorry, I was being foolish” and makes a confession of her lies to those who maligned & abused me just for offering her £50–100 of materials FREE (I offered to deliver them free as well!) chucking me off the site purely because she’s such a cow that she couldn’t keep a minor dispute handled between us like adults(!) – she’ll be unblocked. Only then.

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Depends on your situation. Now this is only my opinion here so do with it as you please.

Follow this simple rule. If you think you’re going to miss her or you feel like you’re not ready to deal with her then stay the course and maintain blocking. If you have reached the point where you don’t give any fucks about your Ex and what she’s doing, whom she is seeing then go ahead and unblock her. Timing is key here. Or maybe just never unblock her and forget about her completely. Sometimes doing nothing is also a response. You have to be selfish here and think only about yourself and your progress. Everything takes time so Gog at your own pace and move on and find someone better.

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How to Kiss a Guy Well

How to Kiss a Guy Well

Hmm in my case after breaking up in March I thought August would be a good moment. I didn’t calculate it, I just felt somehow I’d like to connect with him. Well, it was a mistake. I didn’t do it because I needed his friendship or anything, I did it because I wanted to see whether he still wants me. And the worst thing about it is I had no idea I felt this until I’ve done it.

You see, he still wanted me. But he wanted me for the same narcissistic reasons he did before our break up. It flattered him, he still wanted me to admire him which I did because I wasn’t ready and wasn’t over him. I wasn’t cured of his charm.

Please, think about it deeply and don’t ever do it for selfish reasons as I did cause you’re only going to suffer more. Staying friends with your ex is almost impossible even if you’ re ready he might be not.

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All best to you and watch out

Probably never. I am not a fan of block and unblock games.

If you want to block someone just do it and move on.

Usually when people block me I either wanted them to do it and steered the conversation to offend them into doing so they implemented my will for me (they got themselves out of my life) and/or I reciprocate the block and block them so even if they unblock me they still cannot contact me.

As a practical matter people only unblock when they want or need something.

I have seldom ever blocked anybody except for abusive nastiness or because I wanted them out of my life. If I block somebody there is around a 98% they will stay blocked. I don’t unblock people for some transactional reason of my wanting or needing something.

I have occasionally had regret over how a friendship ended and my role in the break down of the friendship and I will reach out to somebody, but it is absent any material motive. I don’t repair a damaged friendship so I can hit somebody up with a business proposal six weeks later.


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