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Is It Possible To Turn Into A Tree?



Is it possible to turn into a tree

Is it possible to turn into a tree?

Abul Bajandar is suffering from a very rare disease that is slowly infecting his upper and lower limbs. The man’s hands seem covered with the same bark that covers the trees. Abul is only 27 years old and is from Khulna, Bangladesh.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the hands and feet are covered by those that look like trunks. The boy suffers from a disease known as “wart epidermodysplasia” and was struck 9 years ago.

The doctors are deciding how to deal with the case of the young, even if the most accredited option is that of limb augmentation as the disease is constantly evolving.

Is it possible to turn into a tree
Verruciform epidermodysplasia is a rare hereditary genodermatosis characterized by a chronic human papillomavirus infection that causes polymorphic skin lesions.

When these lesions are repaired, a layer of skin is not created as it happens to everyone, but enormous warts are considered as reddish-brown irregular plates on the trunk, on the neck, on the face, on the back of the hands and feet.

Is it possible to turn into a tree

If you do not find a way to stop the progression of the disease, this boy could become a real human trunk.

A real nightmare.

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