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Is Nigerian Juju real?



Is Nigerian Juju real

Is Nigerian Juju real?

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Juju is real.

My own stories are not hearsay.

If you have been initiated into any confraternity before, you will know that juju is real. As a member of a confraternity you will have something protecting you. (They call it “Okombo”). Whenever you put on that okombo, no bullet will enter your body and moreover whenever there happens to be a danger coming forth, you will have a sign and you will flee away. NB: I have witnessed it happen.

I once had a police case so during that period I was inside the police cell. One day, they brought one man in. His case was that he wanted to sell a tipper he is driving for someone(his relative), he want to use the money to travel oversea. Now, he told his friend who ends up telling the owner of the tiper. They got him arrested. Now the main story here is what he did when he came inside the cell. Minutes after he dropped his levy(we call it “cell show” – money you will pay to avoid being beaten inside the cell).

Is Nigerian Juju real

I don’t know how he came inside with one wrapped paper because no one is allowed to go inside the cell with clothes or any material except the money for settlement. He brought out the wrapped paper from his boxer, opened it and poured a powdered substance in his hand and starts incantation… After saying his incantations he bowed the powdered substance away.

In his incantation he said something like “anything I say they will do, starting with all the police men in charge of my case…” Now the show has started, he immediately called a policeman on duty that time and told him that he’s hungry and needs something to eat, he ordered the policeman to use his own money to buy him bread and soft drink, the policeman did as he said… The next day he was bailed, normally they won’t have bailed him just like that. NB: he was the one that drove the tipper out of the police station, which means they did as he said.

That’s the power of juju.

I have many stories to tell on juju oo!


And there’s juju for different kinds of work, juju for protection won’t kill, juju for killing won’t protect. Juju for disappearing and appear will never make bullet not to enter your body, if the bullet enters you before disappearing you will surely die.

And Juju pass juju(power is greater than power).

Believe me, the juju that our politicians are using are quite powerful than the ones all this small jujumen are using. If not so, those jujumen would have killed all the criminals (politicians) by now. Beside many jujumen don’t like something good to be happening so that they will be thriving. Jujumen loves evil. An Igbo adage says “Alà adighí Mma by uru ndi nzé” …in an explanation, when things are bad, it favours some people. So when things are bad, it favours the jujumen!

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the real weapon of the devil

the real weapon of the devil

Denying the existence of JUJU is similar to saying Air/Oxygen, Radio Waves or Gravity doesn’t exist. Because you haven’t seen it, experienced it or experimented with it doesn’t make it’s existence invalid.

The world we live in is bigger than our mind can ever comprehensively fathom. A greater percentage of humans (myself included) don’t know jack about the world around us. We have only explored about 5 percent of the oceans around us, only recently built upon the fact that the earth isn’t flat and there are hundreds and millions of stars in the universe. But since we’ve pronounced ourselves to be super intelligent beings, it’s okay to naively go ahead and jump to conclusions about what is and what is not (ironically, this is what the smartest of us – scientists, physicist e.t.c wouldn’t do). The heck, our sense of vision is so limited that we can’t see the waves bouncing off our cellphones and our sense of smell is so low compared to elephants that are capable of detecting water several miles away.

The world we are all familiar with, the physical, – the world of matter, is not the only one in which we move and interact with. The world we live in is filled with energy present in different forms and shapes and we make things happen whenever we transform this energy from one form to the other.

Personally, my thoughts about JUJU is no different from it being an art/ or undocumented science that a select few have mastered and pass down from the beginning of mankind – one generation to the other whether they are Nigerian, British, Asian or an ancient Mayan Tribe. Talking about the beginning of mankind, this is certainly not 2000 years ago that we erroneously believe the earth to have been created.

And yes, I have seen some form of Nigerian JUJU upclose and real.

Should you be scared? Absolutely not!

Is Nigerian Juju real


Do I believe in it? I don’t even believe heaven is up in the sky or hell is underneath the earth.

Is JUJU evil? Like every other tool, science, technology or art that mankind has mastered. It’s only as useful/powerful or potent as the minds of the people who wield the tool. The West discovered the Internet and decided to grow it from a network of computers in an institution to a network of computers around the globe…what did we do when we discovered Yahoo email ?

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Reaction 3

Is Nigerian juju real? When it comes to religion and spiritual belief, every man must decide for himself what he chooses to believe and practice.

If you ask, do people practice and believe juju in nigeria? the answer is yes

I want us to look at the facts, people out of fear, uncertainty, weakness or poverty believe all manner of nonsense, just to give themselves hope and comfort or in other to make sense of reality, which over time, science has made us come to understand more and more of our environment and reality, once people cannot make sense of a certain new reality they encounter or understand a certain situation instead of investigating the reality, they quickly attribute it to spirituality and give themselves the easy way out, this is called “”God of the Gaps” once there is a gap you cannot understand YET, it is easy to put God there and rest easy. e.g In the days of Greek supremacy long before the birth of Christ. Poseidon was the God of the sea and all sailors and great warriors who travelled by sea worshiped him because they did not understand air humidity, ocean current or climate, sea level, they did not have GPS trackers, and they definitely couldn’t predict the weather like we can today.

I am atheist. I don’t believe in the existence of a supreme being. I will talk about three major religious beliefs in nigeria & why they are all BS!

I will ask some questions about all 3 religions and any one who thinks logically and is open minded to investigate facts will probably come to the same conclusion, that we live in a dangerous world full of uncertainty and the events that happens around us especially amongst people was the result of a physical force that can be seen, heard, felt or identified. Every major historical event in human history, never did it involve the command of a spiritual being except in so called holy books like Bible & Quran. Which doesn’t not account for billions of years of this earths existence. These two religions are both not more than 5,000 years old written by beings like me and you at the time when language & writing was newly invented, those books are full of lies. The first homo erectus is 1.8 million years old, this is a fact. The early Roman Catholics in the 16th century believed that the earth was flat and they burned alive any scientist or support who posed a different theory, on account of heresy against God & and not once did God step in to stop so called men of God lieing in his name from killing innocent people for no reason. Enough with history let’s ask everyday simple questions.


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Is Nigerian Juju real

If God is real why does he never speak for himself, why must he always allow these normal beings like me and you speak on his behalf every time, giving people the chance to adulterate and even go as far as deceive other people in his name? And unless they are caught by me or you he will never call them out? Why would such a perfect God allow imperfect beings to always speak on his behalf?
If God loves us, why does he allow hunger, poverty, famine, murder, war, deadly diseases, pain, why does it happen to all of us irrespective of your colour, race, sex, or religious belief? Even a pastor can be kidnapped and killed.
If God has a plan for all of us, why do we bother praying? His plans will come to pass anyway. So those who were born in poverty and died in poverty. Can we say that was his plan for their lives?

if God is so powerful why does he allow Satan stay in the picture? If he’s in control and his plan must surely come to pass. Why do we worry about sin & Satan Or prayer? Why do we worry at all.


Is Nigerian Juju real

How can a God so loving & caring, and in control of everything still create hell, to tuture and suffer the wicked for eternity? Did he not come to save the sinners, who are essentially the wicked.
If juju is real why do native doctors and their customers keep getting arrested or killed? E.g Vampire & Evans both were kidnappers
If Juju is working, don’t you think you wouldn’t be reading this post? Because it won’t even be a question. It would be a fact like the force of gravity.

Islam is the worst religion in the 21st century. A Muslim is either supportive or is involved in extreme violence, or is in denial about his religion or is ignorant about the true techings in the Quran & Hadith or is flat out a liar and a pretender. All because Islam permits and advocates all of these, Islam is a political movement hiding as a religion, The middle east are the only countries where religion & state are one and rejecting one is rejecting the other.

I will end this long talk be saying let God prove himself to us, without somebody trying to give us a sales pitch.
Think about this. If the devil is as strong as you fear then he will surely get you & and you will die, if he’s not as strong as he is then he won’t get you and you will still die. So stop living in fear of things you cannot see and start understanding the things you can see, and make use of your time before you die. it is a fact you will die!

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