1.Where There must be Aso-Ebi
(Uniform) for every occassion.
2.Where Wedding must always
be on a saturday.
3.Where Politicians must always
distribute rice and Money
before election.joke
4.Where if Rain Falls, Transport fare must increase .
5.Where landlord increases House rent once
There is an increament in
fuel price.
May God help us
6.Where singlet is our Danfo-Drivers Uniform.
7.Where terrorists fit upload
over 2 hours video from the forest
on youtube,and we wey dey city no go fit upload
One minute video(E be lyk
say i go pack go forest!!)
8.Where Maths teachers will give an example like
“2+2=4” and
give an assignment like “2(2a+5)(3-4a). . .
Chai!! Maths Teachers,Diaris God Oo!!.joke
9.Where the rise of dollar go affect price of Bitter leaf
for Market.
10.Where children will see their neighbour and call
them uncle. . . . .”Nawaoo,Trouble dey.”
11.Where Nepa will give you light for 2 weeks and
give you bill of 3 Months. . . .
12.Where the guy will always be the one texting the
13.Where people will post
and threaten you.
“If you don’t type Amen,
That God will punish you.”
Nawaoo My people Na by force??
14.Where Some people will
finish reading this and
They will never like or comment!!.

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