33. If you have a crush on someone, hide it very well because the moment you tell them, they will start acting like deputy jesus.
34. Look into my Eyes and tell me you LOVE me….
Naso some people take catch Apollo
35. You Call Your Boyfriend HONEY And Now You’re Complaining other Girls Are Disturbing Him…joke
Who Doesn’t Like SWEET Things??
36. If u want to woo a Nigerian lady on social media, don’t start with “hi” I repeat don’t start with “hi” She won’t reply u. Start with, “Do u use First bank?
37. That girl u call smallie, Your Dad may be in her inbox begging her to stop calling him “sir” that his name is
“Solomon Maduka”
38. Some Boys Can Form and Pretend Just to look like good innocent guys. During sex .They be lyk “Baby, Is this the hole?”
Idiot It’s The Gate, Knock And Enter inside�
39. And He Said
Once they Engage you in Nigeria, You’ll wash Clothes, wash Plates & Cook till the Ring Sef will Fade.joke
40. When she says”i don’t date guys who walk”…my brother buy a wheelchair
41. You Got Angry Because I Forgot Your Birthday,
Did I Give Birth To You?
42. No girl is more happy than a girl whose boyfriend’s mum calls “our wife” she can even wash the compound gate
43. One thing about one room apartment is that you wake up and see all your properties at once.

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