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Maria Sharapova’s Father’s Day Gift List Includes This Clever Workout Tool



Maria Sharapova’s resume is a tough one to top. The five-time Grand Slam champion, Olympic medallist, winner of Wimbledon and now CEO of her own candy line, Sugarpova. But like many other busy entrepreneurs, quarantine has ushered in a change of pace. The athlete and business woman is at home with her parents in Los Angeles. And to celebrate Father’s Day this year, Maria Sharapova is taking a little extra time to honor and celebrate her family.

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In Feb. of this year, the superstar athlete announced her retirement from the sport. “We haven’t had a proper Father’s Day celebration in many years because I was typically competing in Europe during this time,” she shared admitting that this year is a much welcomed change of pace. “It will be a casual at-home celebration with a few of his favorite dishes and some gifts my mom and I put together.”

Having played pro-level tennis for most of her life, Sharapova is now shifting her focus to her candy business, a venture that was primed from her father rewarding her with lollipops and chocolate after tennis practices as a little girl. “It stood out to me then–and still today–that there’s no reason why hard work can’t be rewarded with a little sweet treat.”

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But candy isn’t the only thing on her dad’s gift list this year. Sharapova’s interest in fitness translates through generations as well. And, while his style is more laid-back, “he’s not much of a fashion connoisseur,” she notes, comfortable, practicle items are the way to go. Read on for her gift ideas to consider for the dads in your life.