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Me and Michael Jackson are much alike, says Roger Federer



Michael Jackson and Roger Federer

From being a no one to being one of the most popular human being, famously known as MJ, Michael Jackson left us 11 years ago. The most interesting thing is the famous pop star and the legendary Roger Federer, who is still roaring on the world’s most prestigious courts, do have few links connecting to each other.


Since everyone will regret not watching Federer’s strokes once he retires, on Thursday (the 11th death anniversary of MJ), the Swiss maestro was described by former World No.1, Andre Agassi as being ‘The Michael Jackson’ of tennis.

“It’s going to be like the person that says ‘I never saw Michael Jackson perform’. I can imagine a lot of people saying, ‘I can’t believe I never saw him play,” Agassi told business insider during a lavazza event at the 2018 Wimbledon Championships.

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He continued, “he’s left that kind of mark on the game he’s changed it. It will be a sad day (when Federer retires), but it will also be a glorious one because I know what he deserves now for the rest of his life, he deserves to feel something he’s never felt before and I know life will offer him.”
Roger Federer

In a survey article released about a month ago, we found out that Swiss maestro is so passionate about Jackson and enjoys the rhythm of the moonwalking pop star.

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During the legend’s young age he used to love disco music and the mixed by the DJs, but later he fell in love with world-renowned formations like Queen, AC/DC and Metallica.
roger federer walk

Two days after MJ’s death, Federer reacted to the artist’s passing away, beating phillip kohlschreiber in the same year’s Wimbledon edition.

Federer said, “it was quite a shock to hear that news. Michael and myself are much alike in that we are both timid outside of what we do, but when we do what we are good at we do it with passion and to be the best.”

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When Federer was asked if he is a fan of Michael, he replied, “oh yeah, sure. I mean I got all the moves. Some of my footwork on the court, I owe to MJ. Let me show you.”

He further told, “Mirka hates when I go into all of it but it is in my blood.”