MMA star Nick Diaz will ‘100 per cent’ make his long-awaited return to the octagon after undergoing a strict new diet and training regimen, according to his manager.

The 37-year-old American hasn’t fought inside the octagon since his clash with MMA legend Anderson Silva at UFC 183 in 2015.

But Diaz has been rumoured to make his return for some time and is eyeing up his sensational comeback to MMA in ‘early 2021.’

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Kevin Mubenga confirmed that Diaz now ‘weighs in the 175-165 pound range,’ according to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

The Stockton native has finished a 14-week diet and training regimen and is now ‘keeping a close eye on the big welterweight fights coming up.’

Helwani tweeted: “This is Nick Diaz earlier today. He weighs in the 175-165 pound range, per his manager Kevin Mubenga.

he is keeping a close eye on the big welterweight fights coming up. He is “100%” planning on fighting again, per Mubenga, and is targeting an early 2021 return.


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