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Nick Kyrgios lashes out at Alexander Zverev, says “how selfish can you be”



Nick Kyrgios and Alexander Zverev

After several players tested positive for coronavirus who participated in Adria Tour Tournament, Alexander Zverev who had tested negative had vowed to self-isolate himself for 14 days as asked by doctors. But recently he was pictured in several Instagram stories enjoying a full crowded party and is facing a lot of criticism regarding the same.


Alexander, after testing negative, had apologised for his participation in the Adria Tour Tournament on his twitter handle and had promised to go into self-isolation for next 14 days as per guidelines.

But just after 5 days his pictures and a video surfaced on social media showing him partying at Plage Private Club in Germany. On this Alexander is getting criticized from all the tennis fraternity.

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The Australian star Nick Kyrgios expressed his displeasure against Alexander Zverev on his Instagram handle. He said he should have had the audacity to isolate himself after making a promise on twitter. Nick said, “one thing that stuck out for me was seeing Sasha Zverev, again man, again. How selfish can you be? How selfish can you be?”
nick-kyrgios and novak-djokovic

Nick publicly lashed out at Alexander saying that he should have stayed inside for 14 days for the sake of audacity. Nick wrote on his Instagram handle, “at least have the f—ing audacity to stay inside for 14 days. My god.”

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Nick even asked Alexander to keep his girlfriend with him for these 14 days. He said, “Have your girlfriend with you for 14 days. This tennis world’s p—ing me off, seriously. How selfish can you all get?”