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“On the field they can do nothing to him and then they could hardly wait to say something” Filip Krajinovic on Novak Djokovic




Serb Filip Krajiinovic got candidly chatty with Ivan Govedarica and Nebojsa Viskovic at SPORTKLUB on Monday. Completely backing Novak Djokovic for his Adria Tour decision, he also praises his mental capacity while playing. He decodes what actually runs in an athlete’s head when he’s not playing at his best capacity and why Djokovic is the best of all in this way.


“It is easy to feel nice when you play well, then you will be proud and satisfied. But you should be proud and satisfied when you play badly, and you get a good player to fight and head to head,” he said.

“Novak Djokovic is convincingly the best here, because even when he doesn’t play well, he is convincingly the strongest in his head,” he added.
Novak Djokovic

According to Krajinovic, everybody, all over the world, since they can’t ever, even in their best dreams, beat Djokovic on the field, they’re trying to criticize him fully using the virtual world platforms. But according to him, whatever Djokovic did was with the kindest heart and that’s what matters the most. And sooner than later, Djokovic’s “Actions on the court will speak louder than his words.” To quote Filip:

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“The world media could hardly wait to find him a stain or a mini-mistake. I’m sure he will be even stronger when all this is over and will show on the field who he is and what he is. He just wished everyone well, he didn’t he had no financial gain. He wanted to connect people, for us all to get better somehow. I am very sorry that some unimportant people allowed themselves to spit on him. On the field they can do nothing to him and then they could hardly wait to say something. But I repeat, he will come out of it all even stronger. He didn’t commit any offense. He only wanted the best. Everything was done according to the regulations. No one forced them to come watch,” he said.
Novak Djokovic

He even criticized Grigor Dimitrov for irresponsible behavior.

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“And then after something happens, everyone spits and they are against it, and they have never had a better time. And now it’s panic. Like Dimitrov… I’m sorry, I believe it’s not easy for Novak. He is aware of the whole situation. I’m sure he’s thinking at home now: “When I get back on the field, you won’t take my point.” That’s him. That is why he is the best of all time and I can’t wait for him to return to the field,” he added.

After the first leg of the Adria Tour, Krajinovic celebrated it with a heartwarming Instagram post which read as follows:
Novak Djokovic

“Behind us are three exciting days, full of strong emotions, beautiful company and great tennis. I am still collecting impressions and I can say with certainty that these moments were one of the most beautiful in my career. Thank you to the wonderful audience who recognized the humanitarian character of this tournament and gave us tremendous support. It was a pleasure to play in front of full stands in Belgrade. Thanks to @adriatourofficial, @djokernole, @djoledjokovic for making this tournament possible. Many thanks also to the wonderful players who responded to the invitation and were a part of all this. We experienced many memorable moments and beautiful emotions together.” #adriatour #belgrade #bestmoments

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He showed true sportsman spirit as he firmly supported Djokovic through all the turmoil and backed him firmly and said:

“I was honored to participate in Novak’s tournament. I think we all felt very nice and we proudly accepted his invitation. We are all on his side. Novak did incredible things for tennis and for this country. People forget that quickly. I am very sorry that all this happened. There was a risk and we knew this could happen, and we hoped it wouldn’t. I’m very sorry that people are looking at it from another angle,” he signed off.

Truly, we must support each other through these most difficult times. Only then can we successfully come out of this. “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.”