Paulo Costa called himself a simple guy in a recent interview and explained why he made the rivalry with Adesanya so personal.

Paulo Costa and Israel Adesanya will square up at UFC 253. In the balance will hang the middleweight belt and pride. Both of them walk into this fight with a perfect record of zero losses. One will have to leave the octagon empty-handed and with a blemish on the record forever.

In the build-up to this fight, the rivalry between the two has gotten quite intense. They have taken it to a level that has almost made this a personal issue.

Costa, along with coach Captain Eric Albarracin, sat down with Jimmy Smith on UFC Fight Camp and discussed his upcoming bout.

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Paulo Costa explains why this is a personal fight

When asked about the severity of the rivalry, Costa went on to explain what got this side out of him. Costa said,

“I’d like to explain to the people that I’m a very good guy. I’m exactly the guy you can see now. I’m a simple guy that came from a very good family from here. Not a rich family, actually a poor family, and things have changed right now but I’m a simple guy and don’t want beef with nobody.”

Addressing Adesanya, Costa said, “Adesanya is a disrespectful fighter. Everybody knows, and if you don’t know just Google his name and you will see him talk bad things about the American people. So that’s why I don’t like him. He says disrespectful things about me also so I brought this fight as a personal fight.”

Paulo Costa made his intentions very clear with this one statement. He doesn’t like Israel Adesanya and wants the win at any cost. He isn’t just aiming to win but he is aiming to hurt Izzy. Paulo Costa said, “I don’t want to just become the winner above him. I’d like to, I want to hurt him badly.”

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Paulo Costa will walk into the octagon with one mission and one mission only. He wants the belt, but he also wants to teach Adesanya a lesson. He will take this on as a personal issue.


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