1★ Your boyfriend didn’t even buy you a GIFT for the
World Cup.. My sister Dump Him & come to me
2★ Our Muslim broda’s & 6ter’s who are not picking
our calls!!! it’s okay, our VIRGIN MARY is already
Pregnant. We will see

3★ The way university students are Broke Nowadays
.You will think Poverty is their Course Unit
4★ I thought I knew every Sex Position until I heard
my Neighbour telling his girlfriend,”bby get on top of
the Wardrobe and jump on my Dick”
5★ When Sweden & Denmark play each other,the
letters that are used for teams are SWE vs DEN
(Sweden) and the remaining letters which are not
used are DEN & MARK( Denmark). Very soon wisdom
will kill me but I won’t Die..

6★ Just to inform you that, I will not be adding more
members to this group. The remaining space is for
my future Wife, her family members and people from
her village.
7★ While you are busy consoling her for menstrual
pains, another guy is rejoicing because she isn’t
8★ Having sex with ur girlfriend while she’s pregnant
is risky. What if the baby in the womb is a girl and
you impregnate her toojoke
9★ If you feel weird each time temperature changes
of late , it’s the Mercury you have consumed in your
tea adjusting to the new Temperature do not panic.
You are now a Thermometer.
10★ Finally now it has been proved, the only sugar
which is safe now is SUGAR MUMMY
11★ If u’re Following me on I.G plz be Vigilante bcox
pple I don’t know re also following me….hope their
mission is not 2 hurt me..
12★ Who is Romancing My D.P making me Horny…
Hope u’re #Slay_Queen ♕… I don’t like all dos Village
Galz ooo



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