Scarlett Bordeaux looked smoking hot in her latest Instagram share in which she showed off her stunning bikini body while emerging from the ocean. The WWE/NXT wrestler’s followers on the popular social media platform appeared to enjoy the sexy snap.

In the image, Scarlett walked out of the gently crashing surf of the sea, and her steps created splashes among the foamy surf. Light clouds and blue sky provided a beautiful background for the picture. Her sunkissed skin glowed in the golden light, and her outfit revealed two tattoos of birds she had near each hipbone.

The wrestler wore a white long-sleeve, puffy, cropped shirt that tied between her breasts. It was wet, which made it cling to her chest slightly, and it revealed a hint of her generous cleavage. She paired it with lowrise black bikini bottoms that tied on each hip and showcased her flat stomach, flared hips, and nipped-in waist.

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Scarlett’s platinum blond hair hung in wet waves down her back from a side part. She stared into the camera’s lens with a fierce look on her face, and her gorgeous eyes popped in the shot, which she referenced in her caption. She credited Daniel Forero as the photographer, and he posted the same picture on his page.

The wrestler’s fans shared some love on her post with more than 25,500 hitting the “like” button and almost 220 taking the time to reply with a message agreeing with her sentiment and praising her sexy outfit. The flame emoji showed up throughout the comments, indicating that Instagram users thought she looked hot.

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“Yes, very much so. The eyes are the soul’s mirror. You look great, Scarlett,” declared a follower.

“You can tell a lot about a person thru their eyes. When I meet someone, I know a good portion of that person’s demeanor by eyes only. I know right away how far that person can be pushed if at all,” a second fan agreed.


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