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Sharon Stone shares very retro throwback from her days as an up-and-coming actress: ‘Here I am in the Sound Of Music’



She made a name for herself in Hollywood as the scantily clad femme fatale in movies such as Basic Instinct and Sliver.

But Sharon Stone had more prim and proper moments on her way to becoming a screen icon, as she shared Thursday on her Instagram.

The Casino star, 62, uploaded a very retro black and white throwback picture of herself, apparently taken during a theatrical production in her formative years.

The movie star has a studious expression on her face in the somewhat grainy photo, with her hands clasped in front of her.

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Sharon wears spectacles and a white turtleneck top adorned with an ice cream illustration in the snap.

She wears a crucifix necklace around her neck as well.

And… here I am in the Sound Of Music,’ Stone wrote in the caption, along with a sunglasses smiley emoji.

The look is a sharp departure from the far more well-known visuals of Sharon, like her famous interrogation scene in 1992’s Basic Instinct, or her intense fight scenes with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall (1990).

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And the snap is far from the first throwback or flashback visual the Oscar nominee has shared: last week, she shared an #FBF post showing her mother in an old fashioned swimsuit, and she’s shared other pictures of herself from earlier in her childhood.

Over the weekend, Stone shared a much more recent photo, showing herself hanging poolside with a friend.

The star looked slender and toned as she wore a bathing suit while sitting in an outdoor sofa by the swimming pool of her Beverly Hills mansion with a Pellegrino by her side.

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The mother-of-three was chatting with a female friend and sat near her two dogs Joe and Bandit as she said she was enjoying a ‘Sunday Fun day.’

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