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Six WWE Co-Workers Employees Who Are Dating (& 4 Who Are Dating AEW Wrestlers)



Life as a professional wrestler is a daunting one as far as constantly traveling on the road goes. You’re seldom if ever home, and if you have a significant other, sometimes they just don’t understand or relate to the rigors of the road. But with more and more females getting into the business, and more and more companies cropping up, a wrestler’s dating life is slightly simpler.
Unless of course, you work for the competition. Now that AEW is firmly established as competition for the WWE, some relationships could get caught in the crossfire. Hopefully, all parties involved don’t buy into “the war” and keep their dating lives out of it. Here are six WWE employees who are dating co-workers, and four who are dating AEW wrestlers.

AEW – Adam Cole And Britt Baker

One is on top of the NXT world right now. Adam Cole is not only the leader of the Undisputed Era, he’s the current NXT champion. He’s dating current AEW star, Dr. Britt Baker, DDS – the wrestling world’s first ever actual dentist (with all apologies to Glenn Jacobs).

The pair have been dating for some time now, and Baker was accidentally (or not depending on who you believe) featured for a moment on War Games as a fan in the crowd looking horrified after her man just got smashed through tables by Tommasso Ciampa.

Co-Workers – Andrade And Charlotte Flair

It has been a long time since the WWE has found a stalwart Latino to hang their hat on and be a representative of the Luchador culture. They seem to have found it in the heir apparent, Andrade.

Ever since he was paired with Zelina in NXT, the package has progressed nicely and the former La Sombra has worked marquee match after marquee match. Much like his now fiancé, Charlotte Flair. No matter who is atop the Women’s division, they all pay homage to the Queen.

Co-Workers – Seth Rollins And Becky Lynch

Another new couple that emerged this past year was the two top superstars of their divisions – the Man and the Monday Night Messiah. Becky Lynch has been nothing short of a wrestling darling since becoming The Man in late 2018.
Her fiancé, Seth Rollins on the other hand – not so much. Certain tweets he sent out have gotten him in trouble with the fans, unless it was all part of a carefully constructed heel turn.

AEW – Renee Young And Jon Moxley

Renée Young has taken a different approach when it comes to her marriage with former top WWE star Dean Ambrose, now current top AEW Star, Jon Moxley.

Neither of them talks about it much. Young has found that if she were to mention the big lug, then the IWC would just start conjuring rumor-filled scenarios where Young is somehow coming to AEW. It makes you think what she was doing in Japan with her hubby for WrestleKingdom 14.

Co-Workers – Aleister Black And Zelina Vega

In the strange but true department – girls from New York City love tatted-up biker type thugs with a heart of gold. They must, right?

How else do you explain the supreme mismatch (at least physically) between Zelina Vega and Aleister Black? All jokes aside, as evidenced by Vega’s Ride Along episode with Andrade, and Black’s with Riccochet, she and Black are certainly head over heels. The pair got married in late 2018.

Co-Workers – Corey Graves And Carmella

Corey Graves is what some would refer to as a firebrand. You either like him or want to see someone jab his eyes out with a pencil. Like him or not, it does seem like he is being groomed to be the next “Voice Of The WWE,” whenever Michael Cole goes away.The father of three unfortunately couldn’t make it work with his wife of ten years and they had begun divorce proceedings in early 2019, when his now ex-wife posted that Graves was seeing the Princess Of Staten Island herself, Carmella.

AEW – Cedric Alexander And Big Swole

It was quite the emotional moment in 2016 when after losing to Kota Ibushi during the Cruiserweight Classic, the crowd feverishly chanted “Please sign Cedric.” It only got better when Triple H complied with the WWE Universe in attendance.

Despite a strong showing in the second Mae Young tournament, Alexander’s wife, Aerial Monroe did not get the same kind of ovation. However, AEW swept her up in December of this past year, now she’s a part of Dynamite as Big Swole.

Co-Workers – Mandy Rose And Tino Sabatelli

In another era, as long as she wanted to, the WWE Universe would be seeing a heluvalot more of Mandy Rose than we already do. Much to plenty of WWE fan’s chagrin, that won’t be happening and much to Otis’ chagrin, their storyline on Smackdown is just that and nothing more.

The Golden Goddess has actually been dating the equally put together Tino Sabatelli since 2018. So, while he can’t seem to get his career out of the starting blocks, he’s already crossed the finish line in his dating life.

Co-Workers – Erik And Sarah Logan

The Viking Raiders are such an old school team with new school levels of talent. Two mean nasty looking guys who yell and scream at you all match long but can also outwork just about every tag team out there.

In today’s world though that aura goes away when you see how nice guys they are behind the scenes. Also, what a fun couple Erik is with his wife, Sarah Logan. The couple both like Viking culture and even had a Viking wedding.

AEW – Peyton Royce And Shawn Spears

For a brief moment, it seemed like Tye Dillinger had finally found his niche in the WWE. As the Perfect Ten, the fans were rallying behind the solid worker. Sadly, it didn’t seem like the brass saw anything for him besides being the not-so-secret “Perfect 10” entrant into the Royal Rumble.

Not content with being an annual joke, Dillinger headed for AEW as the Chairman, Shawn Spears. Spears did get one good thing out of his WWE deal. He married IIconic, Peyton Royce in August 2019.

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