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Three Things That Makes Every Lady Goes Gaga Over Men



Simple three things that makes every lady goes Gaga over men


A good voice is nice, but how you use it is everything. If you possess one, yet you can’t pronounce words correctly, it’s not good enough to a woman. And I understand that most of us can’t really pronounce a lot of words the right way, but the accent and the fact that you know to do the basics is very important.


three things that makes every lady goes Gaga over men

How do you carry yourself? Do you walk into a place and everyone notices your loudness or do you walk in, and standout because you’re not loud, yet reserved and vocal. Women like men who can carry themselves like kings. It doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant or disrespect others, it just means you know to move and talk differently.


Ladies will check for how clean you are. Do you have bad breath? Do you have unclean and rough-looking toe and finger nails? What about your skin? I bet some of us didn’t know that it’s easy to spot an unclean skin. These may seem like unimportant details, but unless you’re settling for classless women, they do.

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