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Tiger Woods’ ‘Weakness’ Exposed By His Stanford Co-Fraternity Member



Tiger Woods’ college friend once revealed the “weakness” of the golf icon.

While at Stanford, Woods made good friends with fellow American professional golfer Casey Martin. The pair has shared countless unforgettable experiences throughout their long-standing friendship. In fact, Woods and Martin were co-members of Stanford fraternity Sigma Chi.

Even in his college days, Woods was already dominant, and Martin couldn’t help but try to find a weakness to expose. But instead of finding a hole in the 15-time major champion’s game, the current men’s golf head coach of the University of Oregon found something Woods does terribly beyond the golf course – dancing.

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Golf Digest recently revisited the story of Woods’ “poor dancing in college.” According to the archive, which dates back to 2001, Martin said that Woods “got no game,” and though he might be as dominant as Michael Jordan in his field, he would never cross over to other sports like MJ did.

“He’s got nothing. He’s got no game. And I love him. He’s the greatest at his sport— maybe ever. I mean, there might not be another athlete who is as dominant at their sport as Tiger is. However, you’ve got Michael Jordan crossing over, playing other sports. Tiger will never cross over to be a basketball player, or anything else,” Martin told Golf Digest in 2001.

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Martin then admitted that because of Woods’ unparalleled dominance, he intended to look for something that could possibly bring the sensational golfer down at the time. And during one frat party, Martin unexpectedly saw what he’s been searching for. Woods allegedly danced badly in front of “a bunch” of fraternity members. And according to Martin’s own words, “it’s a bad deal.”

“I remember Notah [Begay] and I were in Sigma Chi fraternity as seniors [at Stanford], and Tiger had pledged Sigma Chi as a freshman. At some of the parties, I’d come and kind of sit up on the stairs overlooking this big mosh pit where everyone would dance. I’ll never forget one time a bunch of us were having a grand time watching Tiger dance. You know a guy that’s so dominant, you’ve got to bring him down a little. You’ve got to look for his weakness and really expose it. I think we found it: dancing. It’s a bad deal,” Martin revealed.

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Woods’ alleged “poor dancing” happened decades ago. Whether he has improved or not, nobody can really prove except the legendary athlete himself.

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