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Top 7 Most Followed Tennis Players across Social Media Platforms



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Eminence is any sport is defined by the number of trophies or achievements captured by the individual. But when we speak about the geographical distance, it is the reach of these superstars that determine how famous they are. Social Media platforms have restructured the way, the players can connect with their fans.


Tennis has always been, is and always will be one of the most famous sport on the planet. Players like Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras have all been considered legends in their era but lacked social influence. But as time passed by the game got its new idols, with the emergence of growth in social media platform like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova haven’t just gathered huge fan base but are able to earn double their salary, courtesy to social media. As social media platforms, mentioned, gained new users, almost every 2nd day these superstars acquired new followers.

Here is a look at the Top 7 Most Followed Tennis Players.

#7 Andy Murray
andy murray

Suffering with a knee injury, the British has been out for a while. The darling of British Tennis is an inspiration for the youngster all over the world. He has done what no player could ever do, winning back to back gold in Olympics. Murray has a staggering 8 Million followers on his social media platforms, having a combined total of 6 million on Facebook and Instagram.

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#6 Novak Djokovic
djokovic and his wife

Known as the “The Joker”, he is also included in the legendary “The Big 3”. The Serbian is not only to close to surpassing the count of 19 and 20 grand slams counts of Nadal and Federer but has held his World No.1 spot for quite some time now. His latest win came in the Australian Open earlier this year.

Although he is waiting for an Olympic gold medal, he has a formidable social media following of over 27 Million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Djokovic can be seen going through some criticism lately because of his Adria Tour but his fans has supposedly come to his rescue, keeping forward their support for their champion.

#5 Maria Sharapova

Former Russian Legend had seemed to be going in the right direction until entered her injuries and doping scandal, which took most of her brands and endorsements away. Lately after her “I don’t know Tendulkar” comment she came into quite a negative limelight from cricket and Indian followers.

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But even after all the hatred, Sharapova has managed to keep up with her social media platforms having a collective fan base of over 27 Million over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

#4 Sania Mirza
Sania Mirza

One of the greatest tennis players produced in India. She made a winning return this year after pregnancy. At her peak, along side her most known doubles partner, Martina Hingis, had one of the longest undefeated streaks in the history of women’s doubles. Even when it comes to social media, Sania leaves no stone unturned with her funny and charismatic interaction with the fans.

With the fan base of over 27.7 Million followers on her social media handles, she has more than 18 million followers on both Instagram and Facebook combined and 9.1 million on Twitter.

#3 Serena Williams
serena williams

The American has dominated the female, singles as well as the double alongside her sister, in her prime. She is quite an influencer on social media as well. In the case of Serena, she has 23 grand slams in her career, more than any male individual and is on the hunt for more.

She has around 28.5 Million fan bases on social media platforms, Serena has over 5 million followers on Facebook, 12.4 million followers on Instagram and 10.8 million on Twitter.

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#2 Roger Federer
Roger Federer

The Swiss International has surely shown his wits on the tennis court on a number of occasions, leaving the audience as well as his opponent with a smile. He is considered to be the most loved player all over the world. Although debates and arguments are often held on his stature and form lately but there is no denying that Roger is greatest to have ever played on the grass, having a count of 20 grand slams under his account.

With more than 35 Million followers on social media, his fan community is spread over 15 million on Facebook, 7 million on Instagram and 12 million on Twitter.

#1 Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal and his wife

The king of clay need no introduction, he has been among the very best ever since he has stepped onto the tennis court. Currently ranked No.2 in the world, the Hispanic is the most followed male tennis player.

With more than 39 Million followers on social media, his fan community is spread with over 14 million followers on Facebook, 9 million on Instagram and 15 million on Twitter.