The internet wrestling community has had a love/hate relationship with Seth Rollins down the years.

While precious few people would doubt his ability in the ring – and those that have generally just didn’t actually like him – he’s managed to rub people the wrong way down the years.

The Monday Night Messiah had a truly phenomenal 2018 performance wise and that seemed to earn him the 2019 Royal Rumble win and WrestleMania shot at Brock Lesnar.

Rollins would triumph over the Beast Incarnate at the Show of Shows and then SummerSlam, too. However, feuds with Baron Corbin, The Fiend and teaming with real-life partner Becky Lynch didn’t help him have a good run as the Universal champion.

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Save for a fantastic Money in the Bank match against AJ Styles, Rollins run as champion just didn’t hit like his previous year.

Couple that with some tweets that fans did not appreciate and his insistence on genuinely calling himself the best wrestler in the world and it’s fair to say the WWE Universe had enough.

However, his heel turn and run as the Messiah has been fantastically entertaining and the general perception of Rollins has changed once again.

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WWE have released a documentary of the day of SummerSlam this year and that’s where Dominik Mysterio made his debut.

Of course, Dominik was fighting for his father who temporarily lost an eye at Extreme Rules.

Rollins is shown giving Dominik his wrist tape as a momento in a moment that truly touched Rey Msyterio.

“Getting the trust of Rey to give his son his first WWE match on a huge stage like SummerSlam.. ya know, Rey’s first WWE pay-per-view was also SummerSlam as well so there’s a lot of symmetry there. Wearing his classic Halloween Havoc gear, it’s an ode and a middle finger all at the same time.

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“I was really proud of it and I was really proud of his performance and the fact he brought it. It’s going to mean a lot moving forward and put him on the map, hopefully. Hopefully we established him or, at least, got him kick-started and making sure this business is good for years to come after I’m gone.”

See, Rollins is a good guy really!


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