The Sexy 9-1-1 Super Star has an ingenious solution for covering her awesome boobs immediately.

Whether it’s baby sick on your T-shirt or hair that hasn’t seen a brush in days – being a mum is far from glamorous. So imagine how great Jennifer Love Hewitt felt when she’d pulled on a smart silk jumpsuit and even managed a slick of mascara for her business meeting.

But the 41-year-old movie star had to laugh when her stylish look was completely ruined – by her leaking boobs! She lactated straight through her silk top, leaving unsightly stains.

But luckily the resourceful mum made a quick dash to the hotel’s gift shop and bought a scarf so she could make a “dignified exit”. Phew! Good thinking Jen!

The mum-of-2, shared a selfie on Twitter, explaining the story and got a huge reaction from fans. “I love that you’re not afraid of the people who might be critical of you for this tweet even though they have no reason to be,” one commented. “Oh man.. I remember those days… carried a scarf in my bag for months; just in case! You look amazing! Congrats! :)” another added.

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