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What things should I take care of during my first kiss to a girl?



What things should I take care of during my first kiss to a girl

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Your breath. Number one rule. Make sure your breath smells good and fresh. If you want to know what she would smell like when you’re leaning in for a kiss, lick your wrist, let it dry for a little bit and then smell that area. Is it fresh?

Brush your teeth, floss and even mouth wash if you want. Before you head over to meet her, eat a mint or chew gum. Now the thing that most men tend to forget is their lips. Grab a chapstick (there’s so many flavours that you could even get ones without flavour now) to soften your lips. If you’re eating fried food, make sure to wipe your lips to get rid of the oil. Check your teeth in the mirror. Make sure no bits of food are still in your mouth. Do this all in a toilet check. Then check your lips. Grab a paper towel and blot your lips gently (DO NOT SCRUB IT) to get rid of the remaining chapstick. You don’t have to apply so much that your lips become shiny but just one swipe should be enough. Don’t reapply in front of her. Now, your lips are soft and moist. Lick the inside of your lips close to the lips that is exposed to the outside. It just makes it easier but you don’t have to.

Just an extra touch would be to add some cologne to your neck. Just so she could smell it when she leans into you. DO NOT APPLY SO MUCH THAT YOU’RE DRENCHED IN IT! Just one spray at a distance is enough or even better, half a spray.

Make sure your face is clean shaven or if you have hair, it isn’t at its awkward rough stage. A girl doesn’t want to feel like she’s kissing a porcupine.

If you have any facial piercings, make sure they’re clean. Also make sure your hair isn’t going to poke her in the eyes. I’m not saying cut the fringe but just something to note.

Check any boogers you might have. You have no idea how awkward it is to kiss someone if they have a booger just there in their nose. It distracts you away from the moment and you might even be inclined not to kiss him at all.

Lastly, DO NOT USE TONGUE ON THE FIRST KISS! Especially if you don’t have a clue on how to do it. Don’t even use it if you do have an idea. Everyone has a different kissing pattern and as such they would be expecting their kissing pattern to be reflected on this new person they’re kissing. Until you’ve learned each other’s rhythm, why complicate it by trying something fancy like tongue?

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I had the same problem deciding what should i wear, what about my hair, my beard etc. But as i was thinking about all this in my boxer and an old t-shirt(probably stinking) she came and kissed me. And probably the best kiss i ever had and believe me I’ve kissed many times. So according to me these points define a perfect kiss.

Unconditional (no bonds)
Emotional attachment
With the one you love
No post kiss intentions
And obviously optimum amount of tongue.

But you need to take care of the following. Brush your teeth everyday and avoid awful smell coming out of your mouth. Use a deodorant that stays for long on your t shirts.

Because from what i’ve learnt. That can happen to you anywhere anytime. And most of the times when you’re least expecting it.

What things should I take care of during my first kiss to a girl

Her comfortless with you

Obviously not forcefully and with your love


A proper place

MAke sure you both are normal after the kiss

And most important do not prepare yourself as it is no is something natural that should come out when you are with your love and that is a moment and this does not mean kiss her at any surrounding

Let the first kiss be a gentle one if she is someone that needs it in a gentle way .As may be she might be little more shy.

I think you know your partner better.

Kiss is special when it just happens and you were not aware about it happening.

Make it very natural or spontaneous.

But please let it happen when she is with you at place where she wont hesitate

Good luck!!

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