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Zdravko Mamic’s strong words over Djokovic: I won’t let idiots take it out on that sacred last name



Zdravko Mamic gave an interesting interview for Elta HD, in which he commented on attacks against Novak Djokovic.

The world’s best tennis player has come under attack from international public because of the organization of Adria Tour, but they were especially angry in Croatia because of this, as Novak has done a lot to promote that country.

That is why Goran Ivanisevic, Dino Radja, Vedrana Rudan and many other well-known people in Croatia defended him, and now Zdravko Memic follows in their footsteps.

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Although he is now in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mamic is still considered the “alpha and omega” of Dinamo Zagreb, and he commented on the events in football, but also about Djokovic, whose gesture with the organization of the humanitarian tournament in Zadar delighted him.

“I also wanted to write about it. I gave up, I simply won’t let idiots take it out on that sacred last name. Because surely someone would use that to smear it because of my court proceedings. But I am telling all those who talk badly about Novak Djokovic to disinfect their mouths well first. Because the Djokovic family and he himself, with their behavior and actions, deserve that everyone address them standing at attention,” said Mamic.

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He also commented on the European ambitions of Red Star Director General Zvezdan Terzic, for whom he will lobby at the European Club Association.